A Healthy, Active Life - The Best Father's Day Gift

Michael Roussell, PhD

For me Father's Day has always been about being active with my family. Whether we are building a new sandbox or going for a hike as we have in Father's days previously it is all about spending quality, engaging, and active time together.

On Father's day, and everyday other day of the year, I am thankful for the good health that allows me to be active and engaged with my kids. Unfortunately for many men, good health is not a given.


Brian Watte – Agriculturalist of the Year

By Tricia Stever Blattler, Executive Director

First appeared in the Tulare County Farm Bureau newspaper May 2018 edition

It was a bright sunny morning, with a little nip in the air when I sat down to visit with Farm Bureau’s 2018 Agriculturalist of the Year, Brian Watte, back in mid-April. Tiny cotton seedlings were just breaking above the soil line, and green sprouts dotted the soil in every direction as Brian and I sat in his office and talked about farming day’s gone by, and looking ahead to the future.

November 2014 - Review


By Bob Beede, U.C. Farm Advisor, Emeritus

As we wrap up another season, processors and most growers are elated over the low navel orangeworm (NOW) damage experienced this year. Discussions with the NOW researchers and crop consultants suggest there are several factors that worked in our favor besides us just getting lucky. Dr. Joel Siegel and crop advisers have trap data suggesting that the overwintering NOW population was markedly less this season than 2013 and 2012.

January 2015 - Review


By Robert Beede, U.C. Farm Advisor, Emeritus

The decision depends on the value of harvesting four to five days sooner, the degree of alternate bearing, the condition and age of the orchard, and how deficient you are in chilling. My oil tests show that six gallons of the 415 oil applied between late January and mid-February worked as well as Volck® (a 476 oil no longer available) in years with sufficient chilling.

March 2015 - Task List for Pistachios


By Bob Beede, U.C. Farm Advisor, Emeritus

Hoorah APG!
The American Pistachio Growers, with tremendous sponsor support from their processor members and allied industry, hit another grand slam with an outstanding annual conference full of valuable industry information and fun. The conference was standing room only with over 900 attendees. Congratulations to the entire APG staff for exceptional organization and execution.

May 2015 - Task List for Pistachios


By Bob Beede, U.C. Farm Advisor, Emeritus

Field Oil Observations: With the help of my good buddy, Carl Fanucchi, I have continued rating trees treated with and without oil in Buttonwillow and Tejon, as well as observing trees in Kettleman City, on the west side up to Firebaugh, and on the east side of Madera. I have also fielded many calls from growers unhappy about the lack of uniformity from oil treatment, and whether or not flower-bud drop was related to the oil.