For the Grill Guy

Brown Suede Grill Mitt, Large Grill Tongs, Rustic Burlap Bag of Pistachios

He will love it... ANYTHING GRILL RELATED, he will love. The rustic burlap wrapped Pistachios will keep him company while he’s grilling / having alone time away from the in-laws. Throw in some BBQ spice and Grill Guy could sprinkle spice on both Pistachios and meat to heat things up (download Robert Del Grande ‘Pistachioritas’ recipe at

For the Wine Connoisseur

Rattan Wine Caddy Filled with Wine and Pistachios

This Rattan Wine Caddy came from a local wine shop... it’s a lovely way to gift / present / display different wine bottles. Choose a few bottles with the help of trusted wine guy, stuff one section of caddy with gift tissue, fill with Pistachios for an instant wine pairing.

For the Tail Gater

Beer Cooler, Long Necks, Reusable 32 oz Red Cup Living Solo Cups filled with Pistachios

Shelling nuts, drinking beer and talking football at the tail gate party. It’s an American pastime. Any football fan will love this spiffy red cooler filled with their favorite longnecks and a giant bag of Pistachios. Check out these 32 oz. Reusable ‘Red Cup Living’ Cups. Go team!

Three Simple Presentations

1. Kilner Brand Clip Top Glass Storage Jar filled with Pistachios

Fill with Pistachios, attach a simple label for Holiday greeting. Simple, honest, homespun. The Kilner Storage Jar will become an heirloom.

2. Mason Jars filled with Pistachios

Mason Jars are affordable and can be found at the grocery store the same night you realize you are in charge of the school teacher gifts. Fill with Pistachios, add a holiday fabric square for the lid and you have a very sweet present.

For the Baker

Modern Mixing Bowl Set, Rubber Spatula and Measuring Spoons and Pistachio Brittle Recipe

The avid baker always welcomes an update on the basics like these pretty modern mixing bowls and utensils. Download Lauren Mitterer of Wild Flour Bakery fame, ‘Pistachio Brittle’ recipe at If you really love the baker, give whole kernels of Pistachios to save time shelling in the kitchen.

Pistachios & Chocolate... Easy

Do this: Using a chef’s knife, break up large bars of dark chocolate on a cutting board. Scharffenberg chocolate is wonderful. Fill cellophane bags with Pistachios, add chocolate pieces. Tie with holiday ribbon. A very easy ‘foodie’ gift to pass out to friends, neighbors and colleagues.

For the Craft Beer Connoisseur

Craft Beer in 6 pack Cold Carrier with Pistachio Snack Bag filling 6th spot

This is a good idea because Craft Beer is a big deal. Guys love it. And they also happen to love Pistachios. Your local hip grocery store stocks a plain cardboard six pack beer carrier so customers are able to carry home a selection of single bottles. Fill beer carrier with 5 different Craft Beers and include a bag of Pistachios in the 6th spot. If you are clever you will buy six beers and drink one while doing your holiday wrapping.

For the Teacher/Student/Office Colleague

Genuine Thermos Brand Hydration Bottle filled with Pistachios and Lunch Skins Reusable Snack Pouch

‘Stay hydrated and healthy’ is her motto. This Thermos Brand bottle design is slim and sleek... perfect for tucking into small bags. The push button leak-proof lid is perfection. No more water bottle spills in the car or work bag. And the snack pouch is stylish as well as practical.

By: ray.perry : November 08, 2013

You've probably heard that proteins are the building blocks of the body. But just how much protein do you need? And when should you be getting it?

By: ray.perry : October 17, 2013

After water, protein is the most plentiful substance in your body. Every part that makes you, well, you – your eyes, your skin, your muscles, your blood, even your bones – is made up of cells that contain protein.