Pistachios are high in phytosterols

Pistachios are high in phytosterols which may lower cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease. In animal studies phytosterols have been shown to potentially have anti-cancer properties.

Pistachio Orchards and Integrated Pest Management

APG growers, in a continuing effort to maintain healthy wildlife habitats while protecting their crops, often employ methods of pest control that are designed by nature. These methods are commonly referred to as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). One such effort is to monitor and increase the owl population in orchards for the purpose of coyote control.

According to a Penn State University study

According to a Penn State University study, it is suggested that pistachios reduce the body's biological response to stress.

Health and Nutrition of Pistachios - Good things come in small packages.

Pistachios are a natural health food, full of nutrients with less calories than you think.

Pistachios when eaten with high-carbohydrate foods

Pistachios, when eaten with high-carbohydrate foods, may result in lower than expected blood sugar levels, an important factor in reducing risk of diabetes.

Could Pistachios be the 'Love Nut'?

Preliminary research found that men with erectile dysfunction who ate pistachios had improvements in erectile function. Learn more about this intriguing research here.


The Blackwell Family

Three generations of Blackwells farm pistachios in an area called Little Creek, where the foothills of the Sierra Nevada roll down to the San Joaquin Valley floor. Brian began working at Pioneer Nursery in his teens, where pistachio rootstock is developed for the industry.


Weight Management With Pistachios

As part of a balanced diet, pistachios can help you manage your weight.


The Wilkinson Family

Larry Wilkinson’s grandmother, Janie Poonian, began farming in the mid-1980’s in Delano. She taught him to farm and he carried on their family pistachio tradition. He now farms with his wife, Lorie and their five children (soon to be six).


The Gupta Family

The Gupta family originated in India where Dr. Gupta and Dr. Kumar farmed with their maternal grandparents. Now in their fifth generation of farming, Anil Gupta oversees their pistachio orchards in Tulare County, where the family lives.