By: ray.perry : December 19, 2012

The Holiday season is fully underway, in both America and Italy. My town, Recco, is in full spirit. There is a giant Christmas tree in the main square, there are also lights and giant decorations hanging above the main streets.

By: ray.perry : November 19, 2012

I am really glad I survived this week. First, I came down with some sort of throat infection combined with a fever that surged in and out for several days. Also, I had a game in Rome, which my sickness made interesting in several ways. All things aside, I am still in beautiful northern Italy, living my dreams and traveling the world. I can’t complain too much!

By: ray.perry : October 30, 2012

The screaming fans peered down upon us from the stands of the arena. The piercing sound of their air horns exploded off the water’s surface. In conditions like this, it is nearly impossible to hear the referee’s whistle, the voice of a teammate or even your own thoughts. These are the noises and cries of my battlefields in Italy. These are the sounds of a rivalry match. We were engulfed by the noise and let it take us off of our rhythm. This time, we were defeated.

By: ray.perry : October 26, 2012

Every time I tell people that I am a spokesperson for American Pistachio Growers, they get really excited! I don’t blame them because I am really excited about pistachios too! I have a bag of those green nuts in my car and in my room so they’re always ready to eat. Since being crowned Miss California, I have learned so many things about the health benefits of pistachios.

By: ray.perry : October 20, 2012

I hope you enjoyed my first post last week. This week has been rather eventful, a little more than I had expected, in both good and bad ways. Between a car accident, my first game of the season, and the weather change, I have had my hands full. Fortunately, I made it out of the week healthy, happy and still loving my adventure here in Italy!

By: ray.perry : October 15, 2012

In my mind it seems like forever. In actuality it was a mere two months ago. I walked out of the Closing Ceremonies of the 30th Olympiad; and it hit me, my mind raced as it grasped the idea. My dream, to be an Olympian, had cemented into reality. The feeling was, well--still is, almost unbelievable. Like others, I had overcome a myriad of obstacles to come to this point. When my teammates and walked through the entrance of the Olympic stadium in London, a warmth, a rush, and a heaviness pressed down on me. A chill went across my neck and down my back, leaving every hair on my body feeling as if it were standing on end.

By: ray.perry : October 09, 2012

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve talked, but a lot has happened already! I am continuing my preparation for Miss America, which consists of lots of Pilates, eating healthy, designing my wardrobe with Gregory Ellenburg, and lots of interview prep!

By: ray.perry : September 10, 2012

Cheers water polo and pistachio fans alike! I’m thrilled to send you my final entry in the midst of all of this post-Olympic, GOLD MEDAL mania!! As you all can imagine, this summer was a whirlwind, and both I and all of my teammates are still soaking in every minute.

By: ray.perry : August 24, 2012

You know I used to think I would never make biscotti, I thought it was complicated. Boy was I wrong! Here is my favorite gluten free biscotti recipe – studded with red and green in the form of pistachios and dried cranberries – good for any time of the year.

By: ray.perry : August 08, 2012

Live from London! I spy with my little green eye two winners of the APG Germany drawing who won a trip to London to see the Games! The highlight of their trip: getting access to Victoria Sport Village and tickets to see both the beach volleyball and water polo games.