Get Game-Day Ready with Bryan Snyder

Nutrition Director, Denver Broncos Football Team

Think football players. Think healthy. Think pistachios. Take a tip from a professional football nutritionist, like Bryan Snyder, Director of Nutrition for the Denver Broncos.

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Energize Your Game Day Fans with American Pistachios

The Story of American-Grown Pistachios

Forty-nine nuts per serving, naturally ripened and bursting with flavor, mechanically harvested - they never touch the ground. For more interesting facts about America’s beautiful green nut watch the short video below.

Meet Sarah Galicki

Registered Dietitian and Longtime Pistachio Fan.

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Cheers to Oktoberfest and American Pistachios!

How would Oktoberfest be complete without beer? But more importantly, how would any feast be complete without pistachios? For a tasty and healthy snack, you can't go wrong with a handful of tasty pistachios packed full of goodness and your favorite Oktoberfest beverage. Prost!

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Harvesting American Pistachios

There is a whole lot of tree shaking going on these days. Pistachio farmers throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada are literally shaking the nuts off their trees. From August through late October, millions of pounds of nuts will be processed, roasted and shipped all over the world.

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