Best of luck to our pistachio-fueled ambassadors!

American Pistachio Growers are proud to provide the official snack to the USA Water Polo men's and women's teams. Now as both teams train up to 6 hours each day in the pool, American pistachios are readily available as a healthy snack to give them the energy they need! GREEN IS THE NEW GOLD!

The Story of American-Grown Pistachios

Forty-nine nuts per serving, naturally ripened and bursting with flavor, mechanically harvested - they never touch the ground. For more interesting facts about America’s beautiful green nut watch the short video below.

Sonya’s Feature Story


American Pistachio Growers spokesperson Sonya Jones was featured in Rodale’s “Eat This, Not That” online magazine. In the article Sonya cites pistachios as the perfect snack, the diet’s secret weapon for weight-loss and maintenance. According to Jones, “Pistachios have helped me maintain my weight. They’re the perfect post-exercise snack. They supply me with energy and I feel full and satisfied longer.” If you’re curious how Sonya maintains her trimmer, healthier figure click here for her 15 go-to tips to help you lose weight and keep it off for life!

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Cheryl Forberg on the Doctors

Watch APG Ambassador Cheryl Forberg talk pistachios for weight loss on The Doctors

Make Mom’s Day special with delectable recipes using beautiful and delicious pistachios, such as this White Chocolate Pistachio Cheesecake.

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APG Around the World

  • British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) Pistachios Nutrition news Announced at Global Events

    In Italy, APG held a journalist event with APG ambassador and Italy’s famous dietitian Dr. Nicola Sorrentino, and diabetologist Cesare Berra to event to announce the BJN article's breaking news. Forty members of the media attended, representing Italy’s leading online and print publications, websites, food blogs, and lifestyle television. More than thirty-three articles were published about pistachios and weight loss, generating more than 5 million impressions for American pistachios.

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  • #PistachioDiet Contest in Spain

    APG challenged eight of Spain’s most popular bloggers to create delicious, low-calorie recipes using American-grown pistachios. The blogger whose recipe received the most votes won the opportunity to meet Spain’s celebrity chef and APG’s Chef Ambassador, Chef Paco Roncero, and dine at his “El Casino” restaurant in Madrid.

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  • #PistachioParty Recipe Contest Italiano Style

    Originally from Milan, Italy, Miss Coco Cupcake now lives in New York City. For many years she worked as fashion publicist in Milan, but her real passion was and still is pastry. She is all about pastry recipes inspired by the minimalism of Coco Chanel mixed with a unique Italian taste. Now her dream is to build a connection between New York and Milan (her two favorite two cities) with recipes, bakery reviews, tips and a lot of fun!

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