Are you a health nut—you know, an expert on pistachio health?

How much do you know about pistachios’ nutritional breakdown, and their health and fitness benefits? Find out by participating in our health nut challenge. Questions will be posted weekly on Facebook and Twitter. #HealthNutChallenge

Miss Arizona 2016 Katelyn Niemiec

The Story of American-Grown Pistachios

Forty-nine nuts per serving, naturally ripened and bursting with flavor, mechanically harvested - they never touch the ground. For more interesting facts about America’s beautiful green nut watch the short video below.

Healthy Eating Habits

Make a decision to change, attack weight loss on multiple fronts, stop drinking your calories, be a mindful eater and snacker on healthy foods such as pistachios, and by all means embrace all that you love. Read more >

American Pistachio Growers’ Miss California China Tour

Miss California 2016 Jessa Carmack, and American Pistachio Growers’ Matt Watte and Derick Strain traveled across China for a public relations tour to promote American pistachios to Chinese consumers from April 6-15, 2017. The 12-day blitz includes four major cities: Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Read more >

Harvesting American Pistachios

From August through late October, pistachio farmers throughout California, Arizona and New Mexico harvest, roast and ship millions of pounds of nuts all over the world.
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