Meet Our Health Nuts

Here are several people who have achieved their health, fitness and competitive goals with the help of American pistachios.

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Merrill Moses and Becci Twombley

Don’t Age Gracefully, Age Ferociously!

Becky Twombley, APG sports nutritionist and Director of Sports Nutrition at USC, and Merrill Moses, a three-time Olympian and medal winner in water polo, share tips on how guys of all ages can stay fit and healthy for life with nutritious foods such as pistachios. Read more >

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Quinoa Pilaf with Pistachios, Edamame and Shitake Mushrooms

Denver Broncos Team Nutrition Director Bryan Snyder and Executive Chef Justin Domsch create a healthy and delicious Quinoa Pilaf to compliment your summer BBQs with "oh so good for you" pistachios.

Harvesting American Pistachios

From August through late October, pistachio farmers throughout California, Arizona and New Mexico harvest, roast and ship millions of pounds of nuts all over the world.
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