Miss California 2017

Jillian Smith

“As Miss California it's important to have healthy hair, nails, and skin. Including nutrient-rich pistachios in my diet not only helps me look and feel my best, but they also keep me energized for every appearance.”

American pistachios are the Official Snack of Miss California, who is regarded worldwide as the personification of the iconic California lifestyle. As American Pistachio Growers’ ambassador, Miss California represents APG at events worldwide and participates in social media postings.


Miss California Promotes American Pistachios Around the World

American Pistachios Growers’ Ambassador, Miss California, promotes American pistachios domestically and abroad. Click on the videos below to view former Miss Californias sharing their experiences as they represented American pistachios in China, Italy and France.

Miss California 2011 Noelle Freeman

Miss California 2011 Noelle Freeman traveled to China with American Pistachio Growers to promote the health benefits of American pistachios to Chinese consumers. China is the number one importer of California pistachios.

Miss California 2012 Leah Cecil

Miss California 2012 Leah Cecil helped American Pistachio Growers promote the culinary versatility of our beautiful green nut to more than 260 thousand European chefs in Lyon, France at SIRHA, the World Hospitality and Foodservice trade show.

Miss California 2016 Jessa Carmack

Miss California 2016 Jessa Carmack helped American Pistachio Growers introduce American pistachios to the gelato, bakery and confectionery industry in Italy and Europe at SIGEP, at the industry's trade show.

Beautiful Inside and Outside

Pistachios contain many nutrients essential for healthy skin and hair. Of all the tree nuts, pistachios have the most lutein and zeaxanthin-antioxidants that can help protect skin from the damage of ultraviolet light that contributes to skin aging. The B vitamins and minerals such as copper, magnesium and selenium found in pistachios are necessary for the growth and renewal of healthy skin. The healthy fats in pistachios can help support moist skin and shiny hair. And, at 160 calories per one ounce serving-which is about 49 nuts-pistachios can easily fit into daily habits that help maintain your shape.

Miss California China Tour

April 2017
Miss California 2016 Jessa Carmack, and American Pistachio Growers’ Matt Watte and Derick Strain traveled across China to promote American #pistachios to Chinese consumers.

Shown L-R: grower Derick Strain, Miss California 2016 Jessa Carmack and grower Matt Watte.

Live from Shenzhen, China

Miss California 2016 Jessa Carmack, and American Pistachio Growers’ Matt Watte and Derick Strain went to MC Cooking Studio for the shooting of the famous TV Show-Shi Ke Re Sou (食客热搜). American Pistachio Brownie was made by them under the instruction of Chef Gavin during the shooting. Representative from American Pistachio Growers explained the differences between pistachios from United States and other origins in detail which provided a good lesson to Chinese audience.

China has the world’s largest diabetes epidemic, with one-third of the adults diagnosed with diabetes living in China. To raise awareness of pistachio’s being an effective dietary tool against diabetes, events with the media, consumers, and health and nutrition professionals were held in each city.