Meet Our Growers

Throughout California, Arizona and New Mexico, there are families who grow pistachios. Their livelihoods depend on Mother Nature and their ability to work with her. They’re involved in their communities and work diligently toward a sustainable future in farming. With a constant eye on the weather and another on the crop, these folks all have one thing in common—they love what they do.

Check in occasionally as we add growers to our American Pistachio Growers photo album, and welcome to the farm!


Our Growers

  • The Wylie Family - Madera, CA

    The Wylie brothers, Craig and Chris, have farmed pistachios since the 1970s, in Madera. Their sons, Justin, Chase and Ryan have spent the past ten-plus years carrying on the family business. Each son has memories of his father working the harvest from sun up to sun down.

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  • The Pitigliano Family - Tipton, CA

    The Pitiglianos started out farming almonds, clementines, prunes, walnuts, corn and wheat. They decided to include pistachios because they wanted their farming portfolio to include crops that focused less on labor-intensive methods and more on mechanically harvested crops. Their philosophy is “plant for the grandchildren to enjoy.”

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  • Shirley and Steve Seplak - Willcox, Arizona

    Steve Seplak’s career as a bridge engineer gave way to farming pistachios in the high desert of Arizona. With his wife, Shirley, they manage their farm and are active members of Shriners, a charitable organization that raises money to build children’s hospitals and fund their medical care.

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  • Jim Graham - Cochise, Arizona

    Ruth and Jim Graham are second-generation pistachio growers in the historic part of Arizona known for being the home of the great Apache leader, Cochise.

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