Spiced Prune Crostata by Chef Nancy Silverton

eight (8) each
Crust Metric Grams (Original) Metric High-Volume Yield % Comments
Sesame seed, white 5 g 50 g 1.03 %
Poppy seeds 5 g 50 g 1.03 %
Anise seeds 5 g 50 g 1.03 %
Flour, All-purpose 190 g 1900 g 39.26 %
Sugar, powdered 90 g 900 g 18.60 %
Butter, unsalted 115 g 1150 g 23.76 % Cubed, cold
Italian leavening 1 g 10 g 0.21 % * Revise notes for details
Salt, Kosher Pinch Pinch 0.00 %
Cinnamon, ground 1 g 10 g 0.21 %
Cardamom, ground/td> 1 g 10 g 0.21 %
Nutmeg 1 g 10 g 0.21 % Freshly grated
Egg, yolk 70 g 700 g 14.46 % 4 large eggs yield 70 g of yolk
Total 484 g 4840 g 100.00 %

Note: Italian leavening is a Vanilla-Flavored Gourmet Yeast used for products such as pizza, focacce, and Italian sweets. Translated into English, il Lievito Pane Degli Angeli means "the yeast bread of angels". Can be replaced with an equal amount of ½ baking powder and ½ baking soda.


Toast sesame and anise seeds in small skillet until fragrant. Set aside to cool. In bowl of stand mixer with paddle attachment, combine flour, powdered sugar, butter, leavening, salt, seeds and spices. Add cubed butter and mix on low speed to form a coarse meal. About 2 minutes. Add the yolks and mix on medium until dough comes together. Turn dough out onto floured work surface and gently knead into a smooth dough. Wrap and chill.

Prune filling Metric Grams (Original) Metric High-Volume Yield % Comments
Prunes 225 g 2250 g 56.25 %
Water 170 g 1700 g 42.50 %
Tea, Earl Grey 5 g 50 g 1.25 % Loose tea placed in a sachet or 1 teabag
Total 400 g 4000 g 100.00 %


In a saucepan, boil together the prunes, water and tea. Cook until the liquid is completely reduced, about 5 min. Allow to cool. Remove tea bag. Transfer prunes to food processor (robot coupe) and puree until fine. Cool puree until ready to cool.


Assembling the Crostatas:
Remove chilled dough from refrigerator. Cut into four pieces; return remaining dough, wrapped to refrigerator. Roll dough out onto floured work surface. Roll out to 0.5 cm thick. Cut dough with an 11.5cm round cookie cutter, as close together as possible. Flour your hands and roll the edges of each rough of dough toward the center to create a rim about 0.5 cm thick. Transfer rolled tarts onto prepared baking sheet and repeat with the remains dough and remaining cut rounds. Reserve any scraps of dough and refrigerate until needed. Spoon 15 g of prune puree in the center of each tart shell and use a small offset spatula or the back of spoon to spread the puree to the rim of rolled tart. Continue with remaining dough, forming tarts and filling. Dust work surface again with flour, break off small segment of dough and roll it on the floured surface with your fingertips to create a long, thin tube. Transfer lattice dough to the top of crostata and create a lattice top.

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