Chocolate Candies Filled with Pistachio Gianduja with Apricots

160 pieces

Apricot Pate de Fruit
300g Apple juice
300g Apricot puree
600g Sugar
150g Glucose
#2 60g Sugar
15g Pure apple pectin
12g Tartaric acid solution

Pistachio gianduja
230g Pistachios
20g Pistachio oil
140g Confectioner’s sugar
230g White chocolate
1.5g Salt
100g Apricots, dried, finely chopped

1000g Dark Chocolate, tempered

100g White chocolate, tempered
7g Pistachio oil, filtered


1. Combine apple and fruit juices with sugar. Bring to a boil and skim foam as necessary. Whisk in glucose and return to a simmer. Temper in sugar#2 and pectin mixture. Return to heat and cook to 223°F. Add tartaric acid solution and pour into ½ sheet pan lined with plastic wrap.

2. Toast raw pistachios in a 300°F for four minutes. Transfer warm nuts to a food processor and blend until the mixture turns oily and separates. Add confectioner’s sugar and combine thoroughly. Blend in white chocolate, only until combined. Temper this mixture by agitating on a cold marble surface, then mix in the dried apricots. Spread the cooled gianduja onto the apricot pate de fruit and crystalize fully.

3. Pre-coat the exposed pistachio gianduja with a thin layer of tempered dark chocolate. Flip the slab and cut into individual pieces. Enrobe in dark chocolate. Decorate each piece with a streak of tempered white chocolate previously blended with pistachio oil.