American Pistachio and Orange “Pound Cake”

94 cakes @ 260 g (9.2 oz)
Batter g/ml lbs./oz Baker's % Yield % Notes
Eggs, whole 5000 ml 11 lbs 5 oz 92.59 % 20.27 %
Sugar, confectionary 7000 g 15 lbs 7 oz 129.63 % 28.38 %
Salt, table 15 g 0.5 oz 0.28 % 0.06 %
Cream, heavy 3000 ml 6 lbs 5 oz 55.56 % 12.16 %
Flour, all-purpose 5400 g 1l lbs 15 oz 100.00 % 21.89 %
Baking powder 100 4 oz 1.85 % 0.41 %
Orange, zest 150 5 oz 2.78 % 0.61 %
Butter, unsalted 2000 g 4 lbs 7 oz 37.04% 8.11% clarified
American Pistachios 2000 4 lbs 7 oz 37.04% 8.11% roasted, whole
Total 24665 g 54 lbs 7 oz 456.76% 100.00%


• Clarify the butter, and cool to room temperature.

• In a mixing bowl combine the eggs, powdered sugar, salt heavy cream and mix with a paddle attachment until well incorporated.

• Sift the flour with the baking powder and add with the orange zest, clarified butter and American Pistachios to the mixture above.

• Mix for three minutes on medium speed.

• Fill into prepared forms.

• Bake in a preheated oven at 163°C (325°F).

• Prepare with the juice of fresh oranges and powdered sugar a very thick paste.

• Cover the middle part of the cakes with the paste, the thick paste will lightly melt and run over the whole cake.

• Sprinkle with fine-diced orange peel, or decorate with candied fruits as desired.

• Clarify - To clear a liquid of all solid particles using a special cooking process. To clarify butter means to melt it and pour off the clear top layer from the milky residue at the bottom of the pan. The resulting clear liquid can be used at a higher cooking temperature and will not go rancid as quickly as unclarified butter.

• Clarified butter - Clarified butter is butter, which has been slowly heated up in order to separate the white milk solids (which burn at high heat) from the butterfat. The milk solids (which sink to the bottom of the pan) are discarded and the pure butter fat (clarified butter), which remains are saved for baking. Bakers clarify butter because it has a higher smoking point and they can then bake it without it burning.

• Clarified butter need to be at room temperature, so clarify the butter ahead of time.

• Aluminum foil pans work great for this cake.

• Use the same oranges for zest and juice.

• Replace the butter with shortening or lard.

• Replace the orange zest with lemon or lime zest or a combination of two or all three.

• Confectioners' sugar (kuhn-FEHK-shuh-nehrs) - Also called powdered sugar. It is granulated sugar ground to a powder and sifted. Always sift it before using. In Britain it is called icing sugar and in France sucré glace.

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fun facts

Pistachios, when eaten with high-carbohydrate foods, may result in lower than expected blood sugar levels, an important factor in reducing risk of diabetes.

According to a Penn State University study, it is suggested that pistachios reduce the body's biological response to stress.

One serving of pistachios has as much potassium (300mg, 8%) as an orange (250mg, 7%).

Pistachios are high in phytosterols which may lower cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease. In animal studies phytosterols have been shown to potentially have anti-cancer properties.

One serving of pistachios is 49 nuts, more than any other tree nut.

Forty-nine pistachios serve up to 20 percent of your Daily Value of B6, about the same as half an avocado.

You can obtain more dietary fiber from a serving of pistachios (3g) than a 1/2 cup of cooked broccoli, and the same amount of dietary fiber as an orange or an apple — approximately 10 percent of the Daily Value.

Just a single serving of pistachios provides you with the same amount of protein in a one-ounce serving of soybeans and can serve as a protein alternative to meat, poultry or beans according to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

Pistachios are a naturally cholesterol-free snack and contain just 1.5 grams of saturated fat.

Celebrate the greatness of nuts! October 22 is National Nut Day and February 26 is National Pistachio Day!