Professional Snowboarder Jeremy Jones

American Pistachio Growers are proud to provide the official snack of Jeremy Jones, one of the most respected big mountain snowboarders in the world. Jeremy has completed a number of first descents around the globe in the mountains of Svalbard, Austria, and Alaska.

He has starred in a series of winter sports films, including the award winning Deeper (2010) and Further (2012). He’s also the founder of leading snowboard brand Jones Snowboards and Protect Our Winters, a non-profit organization that focuses on educating winter sports enthusiasts about the impacts of climate change.




APG Athlete Ambassador Jeremy Jones recently released the trailer HIGHER, the third and final installment of of the DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER trilogy. HIGHER traces Jones' snowboarding journey from hiking Cape Cod's Jailhouse Hill as a child to accumulating several generations' worth of wisdom and expertise about thriving and surviving in the winter wilderness. A 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and 10-time Snowboarder magazine Big Mountain Rider of the Year, Jeremy makes history with far-flung first descents in the Eastern Alaska Range and most recently in the Himalaya of Nepal, where the stakes are as high as the peaks themselves.