Pistachio Fizz


Pistachio Orgeat
660 grams very hot water
200 grams of pistachios
500 grams of demerara sugar

2 oz Pistachio washed Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
¾ oz Pistachio orgeat
¾ oz Lemon juice
1 oz Egg white
1 oz cream
4 dashes of Cherry-vanilla bitters
3 oz soda water
Garnish: Pistachio dust


Pistachio Orgeat
Blend hot water and pistachios on high for 1 minute or until nuts have been fully milked together in a high speed blender. Press the nut milk through a fine strainer. Save the contents of the strainer to use for pistachio dust. In a high speed blender add the nut milk and the sugar. Blend at high speed for 1 minute. For pistachio dust, lay the blended and milked nuts that were saved across a sheet pan. Spread a few pinches of sea salt over the pan. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes or until completely dried.

Combine ingredients in shaker tin. Hard Shake for 1 Minute with large format ice, then shake for an additional minute. Slow pour contents into chilled Collins glass containing 3oz soda water. Let Rest. Add salted pistachio dust on foam as garnish.

“For the Fizz, I drew on my New Orleans connection and affinity for my second home. I nut-washed the gin to enhance the flavor and extract the oils that come off of the nut. Then I used the pistachio orgeat in place of traditional simple syrup. Complimenting the profile further with cherry-vanilla bitters
and then using the leftover pistachios to dry and salt for the garnish over the top.”

Brad Cline

The Belmont

Charleston, South Carolina

Brad Cline honed his skills behind many bars working in all manner of beverage concepts since he was 19. Now the head bartender at Owner Mickey Moran’s Belmont, this downtown tavern is known in Charleston as “the bartender’s bar” with the focus on creative cocktails in a comfortable atmosphere, with no pretense.