Meet Our Growers The Pitiglianos

Fourth-generation farmers—looking to raise the fifth generation—Charlie and Nancy Pitigliano, of Pitigliano Farms in Tipton California, value community involvement and family time. Parents of three adult sons (Mike, Josh and Dominic) and grandparents to Kelsie, Dayton, Wes, Ike and Giada, they have been farming pistachios for 15 years.

The Pitiglianos started out farming almonds, clementines, prunes, walnuts, corn and wheat. They decided to include pistachios because they wanted their farming portfolio to include crops that focused less on labor-intensive methods and more on mechanically harvested crops. Their philosophy is “plant for the grandchildren to enjoy.”

Dominic, the Pitiglianos eldest son says, “Like many other farmers, farming is in our blood. I am the fourth-generation farming on the same soil, hopefully raising the fifth-generation to walk in my family’s steps.” Believing that being united with other pistachio farmers would be beneficial, the Pitiglianos joined APG 10 years ago, long before their orchards started to produce. Dominic says, “We believe that united we can always be prosperous in building this industry for future generations.”

Dominc recently traveled to China on behalf of APG—a trip he said was eye-opening. “Having people from halfway around the world praise you for producing a truly safe and healthy food was amazing. Being able to explain to a person, who is not from the farming community, that you grew the food they enjoy every day is a satisfying event.” Charlie and Nancy both feel “blessed to be in this beautiful pistachio industry,” and hope their grandchildren will follow in their footsteps.

The Pitigliano Family

Meet Our Growers The Pitiglianos