Journalist Events with Dr Magda Carlas

American Pistachio Growers held journalist events in Barcelona and Madrid to introduce Dr. Carlas’ new book, PISTACHIOS: 49 Ideas to Discover and Feel Good, to national media outlets. Dr. Carlas spoke about the health benefits of pistachios and their versatility as an ingredient, while the journalists sampled recipes from her book. Twenty-nine journalists, representing Spain’s most popular health, fitness and lifestyle publications attended the event, which resulted in more than 3 million consumers learning about our new book.

Dr. Magda Carlas has a doctorate in medicine and surgery and a master's degree in food sciences. She is associated with the Nutrition Department of the Eugin Clinic in Barcelona. She is a regular contributor to La Vanguardia, where she began as a special gastronomic critic, as well as other publications such as Body Mind, Integral and Cosmopolitan. She is also a commentator for several radio and television shows in Spain. Her more than 13 published books include: Healthy Capricho; Now It's Up to You; Take Off Your Weight; Survive the Daily Restaurant Menu; and 12 Dinners to Feel Better. She is also a regular lecturer and adviser to various food companies and restaurants, as well as the sports group, DIR in Spain.

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