Prune and Amaretti Babka muffins by Chef Nancy Silverton

12 muffins
Filling Metric Grams (Original) Metric High-Volume Yield % Comments
Prunes 570 g 5700 g 35.08 % Pitted
Tea, Earl Grey 490 g 4900 g 30.15 % Brewed
Cookies, Amaretti 450 g 4500 g 27.69 % * Revise notes for details
Butter, unsalted 115 g 1150 g 7.08 % Melted
Total 1625 g 16250 g 100.00 %

Note: Made from a secret recipe preserved since 1718, these almond-flavored Italian cookies are a favorite throughout the world. Crisp, airy and prepared using only fresh, natural ingredients, each cookie is individually wrapped and tucked inside a colorful keepsake tin. Delicious paired with wine, espresso or crumbled over ice cream.


Soak the prunes in earl grey tea to soften. Crush the amoretti cookies in a food processor. Strain the soaked prunes really well, pressing out any extra moisture. Add to the food processor and puree until smooth. Blend in the butter.

Sugar Syrup Metric Grams (Original) Metric High-Volume Yield % Comments
Sugar, granulated 200 g 2000 g 47.06 %
Water 225 g 2250 g 52.94 %
Total 425 g 4250 g 100.00 %


Place in a small pot and bring to a boil, set aside until ready to use.

Muffins Metric Grams (Original) Metric High-Volume Yield % Bakers % Comments
Yield 1 dozen 10 dozen
Flour, All-purpose 500 g 5000 g 47.48 % 100.00 %
Sugar, granulated 90 g 900 g 8.55 % 18.00 %
Salt, Kosher 10 g 100 g 0.95 % 2.00 %
Milk, whole 245 g 2450 g 23.27 % 49.00 % Warm
Yeast, compressed 3 g 30 g 0.28 % 0.60 % * Revise notes for substitution
Egg, whole 50 g 500 g 4.75 % 10.00 % 1 large egg yields 50 g
Egg, yolk 15 g 150 g 1.42 % 3.00 % 1 large egg yields 15 g of yolk
Butter, unsalted 140 g 1400 g 13.30 % 28.00 % Room temperature
Total 1053 g 10530 g 100.00 % 210.06 %

Note: Cake Yeast, also known as wet, fresh or compressed yeast, has been used for decades by bakers.
• 55g of compressed yeast is equal to 1 packet (7 g) of dry yeast

Metric Grams (Original) Metric High-Volume Yield % Comments
Sugar, crystal 150 g 1500 g 100.00 %
Total 150 g 1500 g 100.00 %


Combine flour, sugar, and salt. Combine warm milk with the yeast in a bowl for a small mixer. Rest for 5 minutes. Add eggs to mixture followed by dry ingredients. Mix on low with a dough hook attachment for 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then mix on medium speed for 5 minutes until well incorporated and the dough is smooth. You may need to hold the bowl in place as the ingredients come together. Add the butter all at once and mix on a medium-low speed until all the butter is incorporated. Cover the bowl with plastic and let the dough stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Line a half sheet with sprayed parchment. Form the dough into a block and wrap the entire sheet in plastic. Refrigerate it overnight. To form the babka muffins, cut the dough in half. Cut that half in half. Roll each piece into 25 cm squares. The dough will constrict so let one-piece rest while rolling out the other. Spread 115 g of babka filling on each square. Roll each square into a log. With one of the logs, spread more of the filling on the outside. Twist the two logs together to form one log. Cut the log into 5 cm pieces. With each piece, with the coil pattern facing up, pinch the bottom. Place each piece with the pinched side down into a sprayed cupcake pan. Let it proof at room temperature for 2 hours before baking. Brush with a simple syrup and sprinkle with crystal sugar. Bake at 175 ⁰C, high fan, 7 x 7 minutes, brush with sugar syrup as it cools.

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