The APG LeadOn Program is a year-long program designed to provide a unique experience, consisting of leadership training and industry education seminars led by APG and industry leaders, hands-on educational opportunities that build upon the knowledge base provided by seminar presenters, field experience and a firsthand view of how the Committees/Board work, in order to prepare participants for Committee/Board selection.

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Introducing your 2017 LeadOn Class

Greg Guerrero
ARO Pistachios
Megan Henry
Henry Family Farms
John Lake
Madera One-100
Alissa Malakan
Terra Bella Ranch
Kent Naraghi-Grcich
S. Naraghi Farms
Jeff Nichols
Nichols Farms
Aaron Salsedo
Meridian Growers
Kiki Sandrini
R.B. Sandrini Farms
Scott Silva
2B Farming
Frank Tamayo
Fiddyment Farms
John Weesner
C. Nagatani Farms
Renay Weis
Summit Nut Company
Clayton Whitehead
Fruit Growers Supply

2017 Leadership Program Topics

Your APG and Pistachio 101

Introduction of Leadership Program - Everything you need to know about pistachio production.

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Water Issues & Irrigation Solutions

Discussion and understanding the political and regulatory issues facing farms. Discussion on water impacts affecting production of pistachios.

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Legislative and Regulatory Activities of APG 101

Field trip to Sacramento to meet with APG state lobbyist along with integral valley representatives that support the pistachio industry.

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Legislative and Regulatory Activities of APG 102

Learn about the legislative, regulatory, trade and administrative issues affecting APG members from both the state and federal level. Hear about the lobbying process and what it takes to get APG’s voice heard in our respective legislative capitals.

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Pistachio 102

Continuation of Pistachio 101 class, field trip to a pistachio nursery, APG grower orchard and processing facility.

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APG Annual Membership Luncheon

Participation at the Annual Membership luncheon and the APG Board of Directors Meeting.

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Food Safety

Learn about the ethical, moral, legal and financial issues regarding food safety in the pistachio industry.

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Nutrition and APG Marketing

Discussion and understanding of the nutritional research performed by APG and the impact on consumers.Learn about APG marketing strategies.

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Leadership Skills

Learn what leadership style you possess and how to implement effective management in your business and commodity organizations.

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Leadership Graduation Ceremony

To be held at APG Annual Conference.

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Quotes from Past Participants:

"It was helpful learning how to maximize/optimize watering/irrigating of pistachio in the most efficient way."

"I really enjoyed meeting with Brian Blackwell at Pioneer Nursery. He was a wealth of knowledge and experience. One thing I have really started to appreciate about the pistachio industry is its history. Meeting with individuals like Brian Blackwell and Bob Beede who are so passionate about pistachio only furthers my eagerness to learn more about the industry. Overall, I truly enjoyed the time we had at the nursery and the things we were able to see and learn."

"All the information was informative and helpful and presented in an understandable manner. Always a pleasure to hear from Bob Beede."

"I felt seeing the trees from seed to greenhouse is an excellent way to help us understand the entire process of the pistachio tree."

"I liked that we were actually in Sacramento. I loved meeting the Senators and George was GREAT!! I learned so much from him and it was interesting to see how lobbyist and legislatures work and think. It made me feel like some did understand and care about our issues and it helped to see that they are working on certain situations. It's nice to know you have some good people in your corner."

"Such details that I was looking for in learning. I am very glad to see this is not just generalized information. But it is teaching me information that I can go out to my field and actually see what was discussed."

"Water will be the issue for years to come and managing it will be crucial. Both topics very relevant."

"I found Bob to be an well of endless knowledge. The information was scientific and intimidating but he was able to present it in a fully, relatable and comprehensive manner. Instead of feeling inundated with information, I am walking away feeling like I have a solid base to begin from. Great story teller - great anecdotes."

"I liked that we were able to get out of the office and get to experience the political dilemma first hand. Getting to see the actual capital building and speak with these politicians in there own element was a great experience."

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