By: ray.perry : March 17, 2014

Lean meats. Search the internet for "best sources of protein," and 9 times out of 10, lean meats like turkey breast, chicken breast, pork chops, beef and veal will top the lists. For vegetarians, trying to track down protein-rich meals and snacks can be a little deflating.

By: ray.perry : March 11, 2014

At the end of a long day in the mountains, backcountry snowboarder Jeremy Jones has one thing on his mind: a salty snack.

By: ray.perry : January 14, 2014

It’s important to be properly fueled for winter sports, whether you’re skiing the biggest lines you can find or simply cruising on groomers.

By: ray.perry : December 09, 2013

It takes a village to get 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Jeremy Jones up and down a mountain. He spends months, if not years, studying maps and tracking weather patterns. He recruits snowboarding partners and avalanche experts.

Bring to the Cocktail Party

Cheese and Nut Plate

You can do this. Find a large marble or stone square tile (any local home repair store like LOWE’S), fill a Mason Jar with Pistachios, grab a wedge of Artisanal Cheese along with Crackers and Cheese Honey (try Savannah Bee Company), add a honey dipper and cheese knife... presto... a lovely gift to bring to the party. After the party, when the nuts and cheese are gone, leave everything with host for a thoughtful holiday gift.

For the Bird Lover

Anything Bird Related (houses, bowls, figurines)

This holiday gift your bird loving friends something bird related like this beautiful ceramic bowl. Include a bag of Pistachios for the human birds to snack on while they do their bird watching.

For the Cook

Chef’s Ceramic Mortar and Pestle and ‘Pistachiomole’ Kit with Recipe

The seasoned chef will love this classic mortar and pestle along with a delicious signature recipe from super star Chef Robert Del Grande of Restaurant RDG + Bar Annie in Houston, Texas. How easy and thoughtful is it to download the recipe from and include Pistachios and a couple of season ripe avocados? If you play it right, chef will make ‘Pistachiomole’ for you.

Elegant Gifts You Don't Need to Wrap

Crystal Ice Bucket and 5 Lb Cellophane Bag of Pistachios

A beautiful crystal ice bucket like this one makes quite a statement. Accompanied by a generous 5 lb. bag of Pistachios tied up in silk, this gift is made even more memorable. Don’t even think of wrapping this present... carry into the party or office as shown... Everyone will ooh and ahh...

For the Boss

Specialty Gin or Vodka, Martini Glasses, Silver Shaker filled with Pistachios

An instant party. The silver shaker filled with the perfect cocktail nut says “I think of everything.” Opt for a crystal set of martini glasses to complete this classy and stylish gift.

For the Coworker

Distinctive Ceramic Coffee Mug with Pistachios Presented in a Coffee Bag

This holiday season gift a distinctive one-of-a-kind mug and add Pistachios. The accompanying coffee bag filled with the energy-packed pistachios is playful ‘wake up and get to work’ inspiration. For pennies, any purveyor of coffee will provide you with an empty coffee bag to package the Pistachios. The mug will cost you.