The Wylie Family of Madera

The Wylie brothers, Craig and Chris, have farmed pistachios since the 1970s, in Madera. Their sons, Justin, Chase and Ryan have spent the past ten-plus years carrying on the family business. Each son has memories of his father working the harvest from sun up to sun down.

Chris Wylie and his son Ryan also manage Agri-World Co-op, a 3,000-acre pistachio farm in Madera. They have also collaborated with Bob Beede, a well-known researcher of nearly everything pistachio. Justin and Chase work alongside their father Craig managing and farming the family ranch. Plus, each one has followed in his father’s footsteps by buying and establishing his own pistachio ranch. Both brothers actively invest their time in assuring the pistachio industries grows. Both have graduated from American Pistachio Growers leadership program, LeadOn.

According to Justin, “While in the program, I quickly learned how important it is for growers to become advocates, if not activists, in our field. The LeadOn program showed me that it’s not enough to just go to work every day. Now I am eager to play an active role in determining our future as California farmers.”

Justin currently serves on the American Pistachio Grower Board of Directors. The Wylie family also farms almonds, mandarins and pomegranates.

The Wylie Family

The Wylie Family (In photo Ryan Wylie, Chase Wylie, Chris Wylie, Craig Wylie and Justin Wylie).