The Robinson Family

Farming and agriculture flow through Gary Robinson’s veins. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Hanford, California, Gary decided to go beyond just experience and delve into the business side of agriculture, so off to college he went. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural business from Fresno State University, and a Master of Science degree in agricultural science and management from UC Davis.

And doors of opportunity opened. Some of Gary’s enterprising college friends decided to plant orchards in California and Arizona. Gary’s expertise in development and operations made him the perfect person to manage those orchards. Then after a year of in-the-field experience, Gary decided to seek out other enterprising groups who were interested in developing pistachios. As a result, Gary planted the first of many pistachio orchards on Fresno County’s historical west side.

Then in the spring of 1997, Robinson Family Farms began with the planting of their own pistachio orchard. And their business blossomed. Today, Gary, along with his wife Karen and daughter Kristi farm over 390 acres of pistachios orchards on the west side of Fresno County, near Huron and Three Rocks. The family also farms almonds and walnuts.

Gary actively invests his time in helping the pistachio industry grow. He currently serves on both the California Pistachio Research Board and also on the Administrative Committee for Pistachios. To relax and maintain a well-rounded life, Gary flies planes and hikes.