The Munger Family

The Mungers’ first years in America were not easy. The family survived by working together, parents and children, doing manual labor for local farmers in Northern California. After five years, in 1971, they were able to purchase their first 70 acres of peaches and walnuts. Watermelons were planted between the trees, and David and Kable learned the produce business by selling watermelons from the back of a truck. At a very young age the two brothers were taught by their father to know their costs, evaluate risks, and work hard to achieve results. And so when in 1980, Kable first heard about a new crop called pistachios, he was instantly interested.

He shared his discovery with his father and brother who also saw the potential. After careful investigation and several trips to the San Joaquin Valley they were confident enough to outbid all others to purchase one of the best pistachio plantings in the Lost Hills area. Within two years, they purchased additional ranches in both Kern and Tulare counties.

“Our family has been blessed. Our perseverance and achievement in the farming community has allowed us the wonderful opportunity to give back to those less fortunate,” says Kamie Munger. And given back they have. Starting in 1988, with the mission of providing free medical care to the indigent, the Munger family built a hospital in Punjab, India. They also helped fund five additional medical hospitals, a spinal cord injury hospital, and a leprosy community in the area.

Believers that education is the key to a better life, the Mungers again gave back to the less fortunate in Punjab, India by building a university, high school and an elementary school. The university was built in collaboration with Fresno State University. In California, the Munger Family donated funds to establish the Sarvanand Heart and Stroke Center at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield. They have also made several, and will continue to make, annual donations to the Seattle Children’s Hospital in Washington.

The Munger family has been farming pistachios for over 28 years. Along with pistachios, for many years the Mungers were also major growers of watermelons. But 14 years ago they made a bold move from watermelons to become a major player in another new crop - blueberries. The Mungers are now one of the four partners in Naturipe Farms, the largest grower-owned marketer of blueberries in the world. The Mungers have also diversified into almonds, hazelnuts, olives, blackberries, raspberries, and most recently, wine grapes.

The Munger Family

Pictured from left:
Kable, Kamie and David Munger.