Meet Alison Nagatani

When Alison Nagatani’s great-grandfather emigrated from Japan to the United States, in 1912, he purchased 20 acres of land near Ducor, California. That was over 100 years ago—a farming heritage to the Nagatani family. In 1980, the family planted a pistachio orchard in Earlimart, California.

Like many young men and women, Alison wanted to attend college before settling on what her future would be. After graduating from CSU Long Beach, she worked in the business and communication industries. She stuck with it long enough to know her heart belonged to the family farm. Her father welcomed her when she asked to join him on the farm. She worked first as an employee and later as a partner.

As a fourth-generation farmer and a third-generation pistachio grower, she says, “I am truly blessed to share in our family legacy. To work side by side with my father and take in the knowledge that has been passed along from generation to generation—from my grandfather to my father.” Alison hopes that one day her children will continue the family legacy. She and her husband, John Weesner, have been farming pistachios for 8 years now. In 2020, her family farm will celebrate their 100 anniversary.