Gently Pistachio


1 ¼ oz Vodka
¾ oz Pistachio syrup
¾ oz Kahlua
¾ oz Liquid whipped cream
Garnish: 1 Pistachio


Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin and shake well. Pour into a tumbler. Rasp one pistachio on top.

"Pistachios give the drink a very special nutty note and expand the drink with a crisp component, since I have grated them on top.“

Dirk Willmer

Hafenhotel Meereszeiten

Heiligenhafen, Germany

Dirk Willmer was the bar chef at the Maritim Seehotel Timmendorfer Strand for almost 20 years, and the boss behind the bar since 1998. He regularly participates in national and international cocktail contests, managing to earn a second place award the National Championship of the German Bartender Union. “Competing with other bartenders is a lot of fun,” says Willmer. He appreciates creativity, which led him to create his own cocktail recipes.