Chef Stefania Corrado

Italian Chef Stefania Corrado, a member of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs (APCI) and instructor at Food Genius Academy in Milan, Stefania defines herself as a multitasking chef. A native of Turin, she holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and first began working in advertising. Stefania cites a turning point in 2011 with the launch of her blog, 4youfood, reflecting her strong passion for cooking and creating recipes.

Stefania embraces change, finding new ways to cook and tell the story of what she prepares. She uses virtual and real spaces, like a classroom setting. In addition to cooking in private homes as a chef, she works with restaurants and locations in Milan as a guest chef or chef consultant, creating social eating platforms and cultivating new and interactive projects.

Chef Stefania attended APG’s #PistachioHarvest2014 and since then has been busy creating recipes using pistachios. For the Thanksgiving holiday, Chef Stefania created a recipe that reflected her contemporary Mediterranean style, and combined it with the traditional American Thanksgiving dish: “Praline Turkey and Sauce with Chopped American Pistachios and Cranberries.” The recipe appeared in Italy’s top print publications.

Identità Golose

March 6-8, 2016, Milan, Italy
An international congress dedicated to international signature cuisine in Milan, Italy, Identitá Golose, draws the greatest chefs from Italy and around the world. From March 6-8, over 17, 000 consumers, chefs, restaurateurs, pastry chefs, bloggers, journalists and opinion leaders gathered at this prestigious event. APG was there with Italian ambassador Chef Stefania Corrado showcasing unique dishes created with American pistachios.

Visitors to the APG booth were treated to a special Chef Corrado’s American Rock’N Roll menu where every recipe was inspired from a rock song. Riccardo Zanni, a famous executive chef at the luxury Grand Hotel Palace in Rome, made a special appearance in the booth and served his American pistachios and pork sandwich along with a delicious white chocolate pistachio mousse. APG also held an exclusive tasting session with Chef Corrado and influential journalists and bloggers.

Featured recipes:
Lady Kisses with American Pistachios
Duck Prosciutto with American Pistachios
Raviolis with American Pistachios
Cod Confit with Americans Pistachios
American Pistachios Caramel Candies

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