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By: Adam Kusmak : April 29, 2012

In April and May we are finishing our second foliar fertilizer spray application, this will help promote nut/kernel growth and maintain growth for the follow on years.

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By: Miss California 2011 : April 25, 2012

This week was one of the most exciting weeks as Miss California 2011! Not only because I had the opportunity to represent Miss America's official swimsuit sponsor in New York but I also had the privilege of meeting every contestant vying for the title of Miss California 2012!

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By: Peter Varellas : April 21, 2012

Hello again everybody! This past Wednesday marked 100 days until the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games. It's hard to believe that we are already so close. Our sense of urgency continues to grow as the summer quickly approaches.

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By: Betsey Armstrong : April 09, 2012

Greetings from Greece, the true land of milk and honey! We are beginning to wrap up our three and a half week trip to Europe and enjoying our last few days here scrimmaging and training with the Greek team as they prepare for the upcoming qualification tournament.

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By: Peter Varellas : April 06, 2012

Last weekend we hosted the Four Nations Tournament right here in Thousand Oaks, California. With Italy, Germany, and Montenegro, we finally had a chance to play some real games and gain the valuable experience that competition brings us.

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By: Miss California 2011 : April 05, 2012

This weekend pistachios saved me, once again! I had the pleasure of staying at the J.W. Marriot at L.A. Live for the GM’s conference and Asia Pacific meeting.

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By: Adam Kusmak : April 03, 2012

This month we are working on making our operation more efficient, both economically and environmentally. We are taking/analyzing water samples and soil samples in March and April to better understand the soil structure and nutrient needs of the pistachio trees.

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By: Peter Varellas : March 19, 2012

Hello again everyone! We are officially in the doldrums: the meaty part of our 7 month-long training year leading up to the Olympic Games. We are less than 150 days from the opening ceremonies, and the sense of urgency and anticipation is starting to grow.

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By: Carol Kicinski : March 06, 2012

I love the combination of fragrant lemon peel and salty pistachios mixed into the barely sweet biscuit of this cookie recipe.

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By: Zachary Sheely : February 20, 2012

I am very excited about the 2012 pistachio year on our farm. We are using a new automation system (the first and currently only of its kind in the US) that will allow us to turn our valves, pumps, and filters on and off automatically; it will also enable us to write schedules that should help our efficiency and our productivity. I have taken a few pictures that show a pole that transmits a signal above our canopy and another picture of the valve box.