By: ray.perry : June 29, 2013

Here is my final blog to you. I hope you enjoy! I have also included the other videos I posted throughout my year! I hope to see you again soon!

By: ray.perry : June 24, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe I was in Barcelona! This was unfortunately my last international trip with the American Pistachio Growers. I can’t believe I am writing one of my last blogs! I was so excited and honored to go to Barcelona with the APG Team!

By: ray.perry : June 05, 2013

Hello all. My time in the lovely village of Recco, Italy is finished. Ten months have passed in the blink of an eye, well almost. As I shared with you in earlier posts, Recco was a charming place to live and the level of competition in water polo was very high.

By: ray.perry : April 24, 2013

We are looking forward to possibly the best yielding year of Pistachios our farm has known. We had an abundance of chilling hours this year which let to a large fruit bud set and could potentially lead to a productive harvest.

By: ray.perry : March 14, 2013

I am all done packing for China and I am getting more excited by the minute! This is the second year that American Pistachio Growers has taken Miss California to China and I am proud to be a part of this journey!

By: ray.perry : March 04, 2013

I have been in France for the past two days, and it has been so magical! Sure, it has been COLD (definitely VERY COLD), but that just means I get to wear cute pea coats and hats! I am here in Lyon, which is the second largest city in France.

By: ray.perry : February 15, 2013

It has been an interesting winter thus far in Recco, Italy. Aside from the unpredictable weather, life has been good. Recently, Jeff Tyrrell a US National Team veteran joined my club. It has been very nice having Jeff here. As a player, he is an important acquisition for our club.

By: ray.perry : February 05, 2013

With a handful of ingredients and 10 minutes you can make this divinely rich chocolate cake. No oven or baking required!

By: ray.perry : December 19, 2012

The Holiday season is fully underway, in both America and Italy. My town, Recco, is in full spirit. There is a giant Christmas tree in the main square, there are also lights and giant decorations hanging above the main streets.

By: ray.perry : November 19, 2012

I am really glad I survived this week. First, I came down with some sort of throat infection combined with a fever that surged in and out for several days. Also, I had a game in Rome, which my sickness made interesting in several ways. All things aside, I am still in beautiful northern Italy, living my dreams and traveling the world. I can’t complain too much!