Hola mis amigos!

By: ray.perry : June 24, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe I was in Barcelona! This was unfortunately my last international trip with the American Pistachio Growers. I can’t believe I am writing one of my last blogs! I was so excited and honored to go to Barcelona with the APG Team! I worked so hard in France, China, and New York and I was ready to work hard in Barcelona too! I was so surprised and excited to celebrate with our customers in Europe! Not only do I love pistachios, but I have grown to love the people behind it all.

The reception was a wonderful event! I got to see many of the people I met in France at the SIRHA and it was a great reunion! The food of course was delicious because after all, we were in Barcelona! Pistachios were naturally incorporated in part of the cuisine and my favorite part was the pistachio pina colada! I don’t drink alcohol so of course I got the non-alcoholic version, but it was still so delicious! The texture was creamy and the taste of coconut and pistachio was divine! They even sprinkled pistachios on the top to make it even yummier! While the guests ate and mingled I was honored to take pictures and sign autographs for them. Talking and visiting with people is one part about this job I love most! As the party started to settle down, the live entertainment showed up and they were phenomenal! We had live musicians and Spanish dancers and they made the reception even more fun- all the guests started dancing and singing along too. The main dancer even brought me onto the dance floor and we danced together! That was so much fun!

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The night ended way too fast and it was hard to say goodbye to the guests. If you’re reading this, and you were at the party, I thank you for all that you do for the American Pistachio Growers Association. Thank you for buying our pistachios and for supporting our cause! Thank you for giving me fun adventures all over the world and it was joy meeting you in France and in Spain! I have been so honored to represent American Pistachios this year and so to spend more time with you all finished my year off perfectly!

I only have about a week left of being Miss California 2012, so I will write to you all one more time before your new ambassador comes! ‘Til next time, adios!

Leah Cecil
Miss California 2012