A New Crop

By: ray.perry : April 24, 2013

We are looking forward to possibly the best yielding year of Pistachios our farm has known. We had an abundance of chilling hours this year which let to a large fruit bud set and could potentially lead to a productive harvest.

We just added a mechanical hedging regiment to our oldest Pistachio orchards in addition to hand pruning. This will help us maintain orchard health and harvest efficiency.

This will be our first harvest for our youngest trees (seen in the picture below.) They are Golden Hills variety, which is different to all of our more mature, Kerman variety trees. We expect that these Golden hills trees will be ready to harvest a week or two before the Kerman trees which will allow us to harvest more acres with less equipment.

You can also see that we have a good stand of volunteer grasses in-between the rows of pistachios. This is a natural way to help maintain soil health and reduce soil compaction.



 photo sheeley2.jpg