大家好! (Hello Everyone!)

By: ray.perry : March 14, 2013

I am all done packing for China and I am getting more excited by the minute! This is the second year that American Pistachio Growers has taken Miss California to China and I am proud to be a part of this journey! I am even more honored that I have been able to go to France already and now I’m booked for New York in April and Barcelona in May! Being this year’s APG Ambassador brings a rollercoaster of experiences! It’s been full of a lot of hard work, but most importantly some life-changing and unforgettable memories. I am excited to make more of these jkmemories in China!

I will be traveling with Judy Hirigoyen, the global marketing director, and four other pistachio farmers. We will meet with Robin and his team in China and they will take us to all of our locations. We are going to three different places in China: Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. I learned at the media training meeting last week that in January billboards, flyers, bus stops, grocery stores, etc. with APG’s logo and my picture were posted all over China! Magazines and TV shows are already reporting about my arrival. This is crazy to me because I have never been a “celebrity” like this before! It’s so exciting to know that the people of China are looking forward to seeing all of us!

As we visit each city, we will attend media events at local stores and malls where American Pistachios will be featured on display. Miss California will be on display along with the farmers too! The rule there is: to get a picture with Miss California, you have to buy a bag of pistachios! Judy told me that last year most people came over ten times for a photo and they bought a bag every time! So I am prepared for a lot of photo opportunities, and I’m especially looking forward to meeting all the local people in China! I loved meeting people in France and I’m so excited to make friends in China.

I can’t wait for this trip! Like France, I know China will take lots of hard work but I know it will be all worth it! I will do my best to post as much as I can. Stay tuned for more! 再见!直到下一次!(Goodbye! ‘Til next time!)

Leah Cecil
Miss California 2012