I’m “NUTS” For Pistachios!

By: ray.perry : October 26, 2012

Every time I tell people that I am a spokesperson for American Pistachio Growers, they get really excited! I don’t blame them because I am really excited about pistachios too! I have a bag of those green nuts in my car and in my room so they’re always ready to eat. Since being crowned Miss California, I have learned so many things about the health benefits of pistachios.

The one thing I have noticed since eating pistachios this year is that they do fill me up. This is pretty important for me and my job because I am always on the run and sometimes I don’t have a chance to eat a full meal during the day. Also, having a filling snack is handy because as I work on staying healthy, I don’t have the craving to eat more food throughout the day. After eating every couple handfuls of Pistachios, I feel satisfied. That’s my motto- eat until you’re satisfied, not until you’re stuffed.

I have had some fun adventures relating to pistachios lately. First of all, I have put my official “American Pistachio Growers” license plate cover on my new 2013 Volkswagen Passat, which has been SO generously given to me by Volkswagen of Garden Grove. I also have my “Mr. Pistachio” man in the car. I’m so glad I have my favorite nut with me everywhere I go! I was also just in the city of Blythe this past weekend for the Miss Blythe pageant. If you don’t know where Blythe is, it is right on the border of Arizona, along the 10 Freeway. It sure was a drive to get out there but it was so worth it! The people in Blythe are so nice and they were very welcoming! During the pageant I was able to co-host with emcee Jeffrey Johns and we had some fun pistachio chats. I asked the 400-person audience if they liked pistachios and they ALL screamed, “Yes!” So like I said earlier, every time I ask who likes pistachios, they all say they do.

This weekend will be very exciting because I will be in South Carolina working with my gown designer, Gregory Ellenburg. He is making my gown for Miss America and I am so excited to see him and my gown, of course! I will bring him some Pistachios too! There’s a crazy myth that after eating lots and lots of carrots, you’re skin will turn orange, and I’m glad that doesn’t pertain to pistachios because with the amounts of pistachios I eat, my skin would be green! I feel so lucky to represent pistachios and what they can do to keep us healthy. If you want to learn more about Pistachios, explore the American Pistachio Growers website and you’ll find a lot of information along with many delicious recipes!

Stay tuned for more,
Miss California 2012