Pistachios, To The Rescue!

By: ray.perry : April 05, 2012

This weekend pistachios saved me, once again! I had the pleasure of staying at the J.W. Marriot at L.A. Live for the GM’s conference and Asia Pacific meeting. Meeting all of the Marriot General Managers from around the globe, I needed a universal gift that represents America, doesn’t take up too much room in a suitcase and travels well… An American grown bag of pistachios was the first gift that came to mind and it was more than a hit! Having everyone buzzing about how delicious the American pistachios are made me feel so proud of my gift choice and certainly made the impression I was hoping for. The on-the-go businessmen and women appreciated the delicious snack just like I do and I have a feeling that I know why…

With today’s emphasis on health and beauty, we are constantly searching for healthy alternatives to our old snack food habits. Pistachios satisfy our cravings because of their healthy fats and downright delicious taste but leave behind the high calories that most snacks have! As Miss California I take great pride in my appearance and am thankful to have pistachios to help me achieve my body goals. As for the business professionals who enjoyed the spectacular green nut, they, like me, are constantly traveling and may not have much or any time to prepare a well-balanced meal. My gift of American pistachios provided them with their protein to help sustain their bodies through the long day, fiber to assist with digestion and allows them to feel full for longer, Antioxidants to fight our body’s free radicals and many other vitamins and minerals essential for success in today’s travel and work environment. However, pistachios saving my weekend didn’t end at the gift giving, that’s for certain!

As the MC for the Asia Pacific GM’s Conference, I was responsible for the flow and energy of the show. With this being the very last of the six-day visit, I was required to keep my energy up throughout the long hours of the final show in order to keep the audience engaged. Keep in mind I was on stage for most of the conference and didn’t have much time to eat during my down time. I don’t know about you, but having one huge meal before a show like this just makes me sleepy, so, what was my saving grace during the show? You guessed it, my bag of American Pistachios!! Every time I left the stage I popped a few of my favorite green nuts in and POW, a jolt of energy, no jitters, and certainly no stomachs growling on my end! My Pistachios helped me keep my energy levels up so the audience could stay alert throughout the entire presentation! Just one more reason why I call pistachios my favorite life saving food!
Until next time!
Noelle Freeman, Miss California 2011