Four Nations Tournament

By: ray.perry : April 06, 2012

Last weekend we hosted the Four Nations Tournament right here in Thousand Oaks, California. With Italy, Germany, and Montenegro, we finally had a chance to play some real games and gain the valuable experience that competition brings us.

All 3 of our competitors are strong teams with a real chance to impress this coming summer at the Olympic Games. The Italians are defending World Champions after winning the most recent edition of the tournament last summer in Shanghai, China. Montenegro is a strong team that has been improving steadily since breaking away from the Serbian team following their country's independence. Germany is also dangerous and has dealt us some very tough defeats in the past.

Over the 4 game set we came away with wins over Italy and Germany, a tie with Montenegro, and a tie in a second match with Italy. We showed flashes of good play in clutch situations, but by no means are we at our best. In some sense, this is a very encouraging fact: we were so far from our best and yet still achieved some good results. Of course other teams are working to improve as well, so we must be relentless in our drive forward.

We all appreciate the opportunity to play games here in the US, as it's a luxury that is rare for us. Crisscrossing the globe for the majority of our competitions, our fans don't often have the chance to see us compete live. Getting fan support is very important to us, and last weekend was an outstanding showing. Our first 2 games (before the weather turned bad) featured a jam-packed pool deck and stands. There was an electric atmosphere that really does make a difference to the players in the water. I hope everyone had a good time, and that we will see some familiar faces at the end of May when we host Hungary and Croatia for exhibition games in Southern California.

With the results of the Four Nations Tournament, we continue our undefeated run since joining forces with American Pistachios. Something must be working!!