From Miss California

By: ray.perry : June 29, 2013

Here is my final blog to you. I hope you enjoy! I have also included the other videos I posted throughout my year! I hope to see you again soon!

By: ray.perry : June 24, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe I was in Barcelona! This was unfortunately my last international trip with the American Pistachio Growers. I can’t believe I am writing one of my last blogs! I was so excited and honored to go to Barcelona with the APG Team!

By: ray.perry : March 14, 2013

I am all done packing for China and I am getting more excited by the minute! This is the second year that American Pistachio Growers has taken Miss California to China and I am proud to be a part of this journey!

By: ray.perry : March 04, 2013

I have been in France for the past two days, and it has been so magical! Sure, it has been COLD (definitely VERY COLD), but that just means I get to wear cute pea coats and hats! I am here in Lyon, which is the second largest city in France.

By: ray.perry : October 26, 2012

Every time I tell people that I am a spokesperson for American Pistachio Growers, they get really excited! I don’t blame them because I am really excited about pistachios too! I have a bag of those green nuts in my car and in my room so they’re always ready to eat. Since being crowned Miss California, I have learned so many things about the health benefits of pistachios.

By: ray.perry : October 09, 2012

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve talked, but a lot has happened already! I am continuing my preparation for Miss America, which consists of lots of Pilates, eating healthy, designing my wardrobe with Gregory Ellenburg, and lots of interview prep!

By: ray.perry : August 07, 2012

Hello California! I am so honored to be your new Ambassador! I was just crowned Miss California 2012 on June 30th and so I am “freshly hatched” as they say. It has only been a month and I have already experienced so much!

By: ray.perry : June 30, 2012

As this journey of Miss California comes to an end, I look back at all of the footprints who have walked along side me throughout this year, each making their own imprint on my heart and changing my path of life forever...

By: ray.perry : April 25, 2012

This week was one of the most exciting weeks as Miss California 2011! Not only because I had the opportunity to represent Miss America's official swimsuit sponsor in New York but I also had the privilege of meeting every contestant vying for the title of Miss California 2012!

By: ray.perry : April 05, 2012

This weekend pistachios saved me, once again! I had the pleasure of staying at the J.W. Marriot at L.A. Live for the GM’s conference and Asia Pacific meeting.