From Growers

By: ray.perry : January 19, 2015

Our family enjoys the benefits of growing pistachios year round, as we make intentional meal choices that are healthy and allow the whole family to take part in reaping the harvest of our labor.

By: ray.perry : April 24, 2013

We are looking forward to possibly the best yielding year of Pistachios our farm has known. We had an abundance of chilling hours this year which let to a large fruit bud set and could potentially lead to a productive harvest.

By: ray.perry : August 08, 2012

A few of this month's many tasks are preparing the orchards and equipment for the 2012 harvest and taking tissue/leaf samples to gear up and plan for next years crop.

By: ray.perry : April 29, 2012

In April and May we are finishing our second foliar fertilizer spray application, this will help promote nut/kernel growth and maintain growth for the follow on years.

By: ray.perry : April 03, 2012

This month we are working on making our operation more efficient, both economically and environmentally. We are taking/analyzing water samples and soil samples in March and April to better understand the soil structure and nutrient needs of the pistachio trees.