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By: ray.perry : January 29, 2015

The decision depends on the value of harvesting four to five days sooner, the degree of alternate bearing, the condition and age of the orchard, and how deficient you are in chilling.

By: ray.perry : March 17, 2014

Lean meats. Search the internet for "best sources of protein," and 9 times out of 10, lean meats like turkey breast, chicken breast, pork chops, beef and veal will top the lists. For vegetarians, trying to track down protein-rich meals and snacks can be a little deflating.

By: ray.perry : March 11, 2014

At the end of a long day in the mountains, backcountry snowboarder Jeremy Jones has one thing on his mind: a salty snack.

By: ray.perry : January 14, 2014

It’s important to be properly fueled for winter sports, whether you’re skiing the biggest lines you can find or simply cruising on groomers.

By: ray.perry : September 27, 2013

We recently sat down with APG Athlete Ambassador Jeremy Jones to learn about what motivates and fuels him in the backcountry. Always on the move, Jeremy is currently exploring the Nepalese high mountains and backcountry while filming his upcoming movie, Higher.

By: ray.perry : August 08, 2012

Live from London! I spy with my little green eye two winners of the APG Germany drawing who won a trip to London to see the Games! The highlight of their trip: getting access to Victoria Sport Village and tickets to see both the beach volleyball and water polo games.

By: ray.perry : August 08, 2012

Awesome Olympic Victory for USA Water Polo Women’s Team---and American Pistachio Growers!!!

By: ray.perry : August 07, 2012

During the last four Mitteldeutchschlandcup races, I pedaled through Germany’s scenic mountain roads alongside more than 3,000 mountain bikers.