VDD, Professional Association of Dietetics in Germany

APG provided an exhibit and sponsored a presentation with celebrity television doctor, Dr. Matthias Ridel, at the VDD Annual Conference on May 4-6, 2017 in Wolfsburg, Germany. APG's booth theme was based on the British Journal of Nutrition's article, "Attributes and Health Effects of Pistachios," and featured our German "Health Nut" spokesperson, professional fashion photographer, Jan-Ole Hoffman. Jan-Ole achieved his health and fitness by including pistachios in his diet and exercise plan. Dr. Riedl's presentation focused on the health effects of pistachios as they pertain to heart health and weight management.

Nearly 1,000 nutritionists attended the three-day event. Dr. Riedl and APG nutrition expert, Dr. Ursula Hildebrandt, spoke with booth visitors about the many health benefits of pistachios, and they distributed pistachio nutrition literature and healthy pistachio recipes. More than 250 nutritionists signed up to receive our nutrition e-newsletter, American Pistachio Unshelled.

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