Pro Cyclist Mark Cavendish Declares American Pistachios His Official Snack

The fastest man on two wheels endorses health, active lifestyles, and the nutritious American pistachio.

Fresno, CA (October 21, 2013) - In celebration of National Nut Day (October 22), American Pistachio Growers (APG) today announces the addition of British pro cyclist Mark Cavendish MBE* to its world-class athletic ambassador team. Cavendish has declared the nutritious, American-grown pistachio nut as his “Official Snack.”

Cavendish, who has 25 stage wins at Le Tour de France and is regarded as one of pro cycling’s top sprinters, is an outspoken proponent of healthy lifestyles and cycling for everyday well-being. He’s also a believer in proper nutrition for optimal performance, whether for athletic gains or everyday life. This focus on health and nutrition led him to American pistachios, which are a nutritious addition to a well-balanced diet, particularly for those who participate in active lifestyles.

“I’m proud to support America’s pistachio farmers in this educational campaign and to add my voice to the growing group of advocates who encourage people to exercise and be mindful of what they eat,” said Cavendish. “The fact that I eat pistachios because I love them and because they’re recommended by my nutritionist makes it easy for me to say they’re my Official Snack.“

Cavendish’s nutritionist, Nigel Mitchell, who is also the nutritionist for the British National Cycling Team, prescribes American-grown pistachios as part of a cyclist’s diet.

“Mark needs a high-protein diet and requires certain nutrients throughout each day and before and after races,” said Mitchell. “He trains five hours a day and is one of the fastest sprinters alive. His body is in a constant state of exertion and recovery. Pistachios fill a nutritional need and just as important, they’re a convenient, delicious snack that he likes to eat.”

In addition to Cavendish, big mountain snowboarder and National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year (2013) Jeremy Jones claims American-grown pistachios as his Official Snack, along with the Olympic medal-winning women and men’s USA Water Polo teams. These athletes share a focus on proper nutrition and a desire to promote healthy, active lifestyles.

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*MBE: “Member of the Order of the British Empire,” a British national order of chivalry.

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