Pistachios Nutrition news Announced at Global Events

In Italy, APG held a journalist event with APG ambassador and Italy’s famous dietitian Dr. Nicola Sorrentino, and diabetologist Cesare Berra to event to announce the BJN article's breaking news. The event took place on February 11 in Milan.

Dr. Sorrentino presented the BJN review and spoke about pistachios’ benefits for weight loss and management. Dr. Cesare Berra talked about pistachios and diabetes with a presentation about the “Effects of Pistachios on Glucose Metabolism and its Complications.” Italy’s award-winning chef, Daniel Canzian, demonstrated the gastronomic versatility of pistachios by preparing a variety of dishes for the journalists to sample. While the journalists enjoyed the dishes, Dr. Sorrentino provided a nutritional breakdown and calorie count for each recipe.

Forty members of the media attended, representing Italy’s leading online and print publications, websites, food blogs, and lifestyle television. More than thirty-three articles were published about pistachios and weight loss, generating more than 5 million impressions for American pistachios.

In the U.K., on behalf of APG, APG nutrition spokesperson, Jennette Higgs, RD and Dr. Carrie Ruxton hosted a nutrition roundtable on February 24 in London. The lively discussion focused on the British Journal’s article’s findings about the potential links between eating pistachios and many health benefits including heart health and glycaemic control to protein in satiety – most important their role in weight management. The event was attended by the U.K.’s most influential nutritionists, doctors and dieticians.

Dr. Carrie Ruxton is a registered dietitian with nearly 25 years of experience in nutrition and health. She widely published in the scientific and health professional literature, and contributes regularly to TV, radio and print media in the U.K.

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