Pistachios can be a weight loss tool, researchers say


Looking for a low-calorie snack you can track that’s a good source of fiber and protein?

In-shell pistachios fit the bill, according to two new studies published online in the journal Appetite.

In the first study of 140 university students, those who ate in-shell pistachios during class time consumed 41 percent fewer calories than students eating shelled pistachios.

In the second study, university faculty and staff were divided into two groups and provided bowls of in-shell pistachios and a second bowl for the discarded shells. The first group’s discard bowls were emptied at the end of the day; the second group’s discard bowls were emptied every two hours and more nuts were added to the pistachio bowls if they had half or less of the starting amount.

Researchers say people consumed 48 fewer calories when the shells were left in the discard bowls until the end of the day. Researchers attributed the decreased consumption to people having “visual cues” about how much they have eaten.

At 160 calories for about a one-ounce serving, pistachios are one of the lowest-calorie nuts.

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www.livestrong.com, search “nutritional value of pistachios”

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