PISTACHIOS: 49 Ideas to Discover and Feel Good

In her new book, PISTACHIOS: 49 Ideas to Discover and Feel Good, Dr. Magda Carlas dispels the myths and misconceptions about nuts, and provides the key to the world of quality foods and healthy habits with pistachios. This is much more than a traditional recipe book. It is the first book to address pistachios from a nutritional and gastronomic perspective in Spain. The author challenges cooks to create delicious foods with nutritious ingredients such as pistachios.

Forty-nine is a play on the number of nuts in a one-ounce nutritious serving of pistachios. Each of the 49 ideas targets a healthy and balanced diet and includes their nutritional values. The ideas are grouped into three chapters: Dr. Magda Carlas’ recommendation (why pistachios?); Pistachio benefits for active lifestyles (weight control, heart health, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.); Easy-to-make recipes with pistachios (in less than 30 minutes) that include the number of calories and the nutritional breakdown. The book is now available in bookstores across Spain.

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