Nutrition Conferences in Italy

APG participated at NutriMi, a nutrition forum, in Milan, Italy, on April 20-21, 2017, with an exhibit and presentation from APG nutrition spokesperson and President of the Italian Foundation for Food Education, Dr. Giorgio Donegani. Dr. Donegani presented an educational course titled, "Nuts for Nutrition and Health, a Review of the Literature Relative to Pistachios’ Benefits," which addressed the British Journal of Nutrition's review underlining the difference among pistachios and other nuts (in terms of calories and nutrients). His daughter, Dr. Martina Donegani, also a well-known nutritionist, spoke with booth visitors about the many health benefits of pistachios. Over 600 health professionals attended the conference, and more than 80 nutrition professionals signed up to receive our nutrition e-newsletter, American Pistachios Unshelled.

NutriMI is the Italian community of health professionals who share scientific knowledge in the branch of food and nutrition: it is an updating multichannel platform and an irreplaceable reference point for all the health professionals, the experts and everyone who has to deal with nutrition and health.

APG also participated in ANDID, the Italian Dietitian Association's 29th Annual Conference, May 12-13, 2016, in Bolgna, Italy. Once again we teamed up with the Dongeganis. Dr. Giorgio Donegani presented "Pistachios in the Mediterranean Diet" to over 300 ANDID members, and Dr. Martina Donegani spoke with booth visitors about pistachio health. Over 1,100 dietitians attended the nutrition conference.

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