Miss California 2013 Crystal Lee’s New Year's gift of choice

Crispy and Healthy, that’s the impression of American pistachios. As 2013 Miss California Crystal Lee’s first choice of gifts for Chinese New Year, healthy pistachios as well as the excitement feeling for reuniting with the family make a memorable and different Chinese New Year.

With a Chinese heritage, Crystal still celebrates Chinese New Year even though she lives in California. For Crystal, the happiest moment in one year must be the Chinese New Year. No matter for snacking with families or gift giving to friends, a gift of tasty and healthy pistachios is always a perfect gift during Chinese New Year.

As an ambassador for American Pistachio Growers, she is glad to bring pistachios as a gift to all the Chinese fellows and share the wishes and happiness. People can feel the sunshine of California and also the joy that pistachios brought to them.

It is important for Crystal Lee to control her body shape. A bundle of pistachios can assist body recovery from workouts without putting on weight as pistachios are full of UFA (Unsaturated fatty acids). Thus, a small pack not only brings warmth in the winter time but also shows caring.

Let’s use pistachios to express your gratitude to friends and family for this Spring Festival. Look for Pistachios from USA. Wish you a happy Chinese New Year!
For more information about American pistachios, please visit www.americanpistachios.cn

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