In Italy American Pistachios are the stars of an original web contest launched to celebrate World Pistachio Day on February 26th. And why not celebrate the pistachio’s flavor and benefits on the table of an Italian ritual as the aperitif ? American Pistachio Growers and the famous Italian food-blogger Chiara Maci – very well known also for her attendance at the followed TV cooking program “Cuochi e fiamme” on la7 Channel – have launched a fun challenge of creativity in the kitchen at the base of the green gold of California.

In fact, 26th February was the starting date of the contest "The happy hour with the shell" on the very popular Italian food blogs Sorelle in Pentola e Chiara Maci that invites participants to invent original recipes for a happy hour made with American pistachios ... possibly with the shell.

Whoever sends the best recipe will be rewarded with a 2 kg supply of American pistachios and will have the opportunity to cook with Chiara in Milan at an exclusive show cooking with very selected media and bloggers.

The contests runs through April 14th. Participating is easy, send your recipe and accompanying photo to

Following the first recipes published on the blog:

Sticks with pistachios, bacon and cheese
Scallops with pistachio flour
Sushi with salmon and pistachio cream
Pistachio cupcakes with frosting mortadella
Pistachios in Oriental shell
“Baci di dama”with salmon and pistachios
Apple pie with pistachio cream cheese and mackerel
Cups of cous cous, eggplants mousse, pistachio cheese and roasted tomatoes
Roll of leek with cheese and pistachios mackerel
Tomatoes stuffed with cous cous and cream cheese and pistachios mackerel
Sour cups orange couscous and pistachio cream cheese
Happy Hour Cheesestacchi
Mix with pistachios
Salty pastry

Cooks all over Italy.. the challenge is open!

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