Fathi Bendjebbour, French “Health Nut” Spokesperson

Fathi Bendjebbour, a former French professional handball player, decided to change his eating and exercise habits when his friends challenged him to run the 20km de Paris. According to Fathi, “When my career as a handball player ended, I got a sedentary job and quickly gained 45 pounds. So when my friends challenged me to run the 20km de Paris, I had some work to do. Along with training, I changed my eating habits and included healthful snacking. Today I’m lighter and stronger, and crossing the finish line is no longer a challenge.”

Fathi Bendjebbour is APG’s “Health Nut” spokesperson in France. His story is highlighted in our global “Health Nut” advertising campaign in France. His full-page ad, along with APG’s other “Health Nut” ads that include real people who have achieved their health and fitness goals while including pistachios as part of a healthy diet, appear in the most popular health and fitness publications in the United States, Europe and China. All the ads point to the “Health Nut” page of our APG websites around the world, where site visitors can read more about our “real people” stories.

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