Italian journalists and bloggers have had their opportunity to meet personally and taste American Pistachios in an exclusive Cooking Class with our chef Omar Allievi!
The media event took place in Milan on Wednesday 27th March at 06:30 pm in In Kitchen, a cool venue in the centre of Milan. Spacious and bright, the event space is a professional kitchen equipped with the latest technologies.

Omar started involving the guests with an introduction about pistachios as versatile and tasty ingredient perfect for savory and sweet recipes and for special snacks and appetizers. After this presentation, he explained to the selected short list of food journalists and bloggers how to cook the following delicious pistachio based recipes :

• Mixed roasted and spiced in shell pistachios - Candied in shell pistachios
• Mint stracci pasta with pistachios, melon and lobster
• Lamb chop in pistachio crust with artichokes
• Chocolate mousse with pistachio brittle and raspberries

Dressed with the APG branded aprons, the guests organized in 5 teams, were divided to prepare appetizers, main course, second course and dessert.

The event was shot by an important Italian lifestyle TV channel, Class TV: the reporters interviewed Omar for the food TV program “Sapori e Profumi”. Coming soon!

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