American Pistachios: On Tour from Florence to Naples

In April American Pistachios participated in two of Italy’s most popular fitness events , accompanying marathon runners in the sunny cities of Florence and Naples.

On Sunday 14th April, the power of pistachios participated in the first Avon Running event of 2013 in Florence. APG samples were inserted into the bags of the participants and distributed at the rest shop in Santa Maria Novella Square, the historical center of the city. Reaching its 16th year, the event created by Avon Cosmetics, Avon Running is named “the Women's Race” and is the first event of its kind in Italy. Open to the general public at both competitive and amateur levels, with 2 different routes of 5 and 10 km.

Two weeks later, on the 28th April, American Pistachios fueled runners in Naples attending the CorriNapoli marathon, a non-competitive race that covers the distance of 10 km. APG samples were inserted in the runner’s bags and were available at the rest shop and the Marathon Village. Thanks to their peculiar nutritional features, American pistachios provided the runners with a snack to help them refuel after the race.

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