Pistachios as a Post Exercise Snack

The ideal post exercise snack is portable, satisfying and supplies the body with the energy and important nutrients it needs to refuel after exercise, like protein and certain vitamins and minerals. Check out this info graphic to find out how pistachios can help to meet the post exercise needs of casual fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Read more about pistachios’ benefits as a recovery snack and don’t forget to check out more pistachio nutrition research.

Nutrition Power - Pistachios have
protein, beneficial fats, fiber and
other important nutrients your body
needs every day. Read more >

Heart Health - Certain nutrients
in pistachios may help with heart
health, according to recent
research. Read more >

Weight Management
Research suggest that
pistachios may help to support
a healthy weight. Read more >

Blood Sugar Management
Studies indicate that pistachios
may help to maintain healthy
blood glucose levels. Read more >