Rudy Hernandez, Chairman of the APG Growers and Marketing Committee, gives greetings to media representatives.

More than 23 media representatives attended the luncheon to sample the Mediterranean cuisine prepared by Nancy Silverton, a chef who won the James Beard Award. At this event, held at the Chi SPACCA restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, where chef Silverton showed how APG's beautiful green nuts can be utilized for cooking by using pistachio as the main ingredient in modern recipe. The four course menus include bacon terrin, fresh cream, red onion, castelletrano olives, pistachio pizza made with tyme and fennel pollen, rucola and fresh salad made with pistachio garlic sauce, and scrambled eggs with radicchio and goat cheese and salad made with pistachio was included. The use of pistachios varies widely enough to fit into swordfish entrees and gelato desserts.

Cheryl Forberg, who has been working as an RD Chef and nutritionist for the NBC popular program The Biggest Loser i> and who won the James Beard award for i> A Small Guide to Losing Big i> introduced a diet recipe to share information and include pistachios in snacks. Forberg says, "Pistachio is an ideal aid to the diet. It contains protein and some healthy fats, so it is not only healthy but also satisfying."