Game Day


Game time – party plan. It doesn't matter where – your place, someone else's, a parking lot – get your party face on!

Try one or all of these pistachio party-pleasers:

Tailgating with Pistachios

APG Ambassador Bryan Snyder, the Team Nutrition Manager for the Denver Broncos, shares his tips on how tailgaters can keep their party fare delicious and healthy with American pistachios.

Think Game-Time Party—Think Pistachios

Game day parties require loads of refreshments, good seating and get-in-the-game decorations. Now, arranging furniture and displaying decorations takes some creativity and muscle. So, with all that planning and work, don’t muck it up with bags of chips casually tossed on the table, prepackaged salsa, a ho-hum cheese dip, and maybe some microwave popcorn.

Think football players. Think healthy. Take a tip from a professional football nutritionist, like Bryan Snyder, Director of Nutrition for the Denver Broncos.

Bryan says, “Replace some or all of your not-so-wise snacks—like chips, cheese-flavored crackers, sugary quasi fruit snacks, snack cakes, cookies, soda or candy [sound like your menu?] with something that tastes good but is full of healthy nutrients. Not only are they great for snacks, pistachios are a good addition to many other delicious recipes you already have on hand. They can be incorporated into smoothies or used to top off oatmeal or a salad."

Face it. Your guests may not be football players, but hey—all that cheering and jumping, and sideline coaching takes energy. If you’re going to send positive vibes to your team, you’ve got to have stamina. Well, guess what? Pistachios have a bounty of nutrients that have positive impacts on weight loss, lowering blood pressure and heart disease, and providing energy.

Q&A with Bryan Snyder, Nutrition Director for the Denver Broncos

Why are pistachios a great snack for football fans tuning in at home? What nutrition tips can everyday people borrow from professional athletes? Why choose pistachios over other snack options? Bryan Snyder, Director of Nutrition for the Denver Broncos answers these questions and more in the videos below. Check them out!

Why are pistachios a great snack for football fans tuning in at home?

What are the traits of a good post-workout snack?

What are the first steps you recommend people take if they are trying to improve their eating habits?